Region governments and importance of review of reaction with Taliban

Region governments looked optimistic for the collapse of the Islamic Republican of Afghanistan and return of Taliban on power according to the Doha agreement on August 15, 2021. Despite this, in 1990s when the first time Taliban took over Afghanistan, they had strong cooperation with the international terrorist movements also with the groups such as Al-Qaeda, Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan, Hizb-e-Islami of East Turkestan, and other regional and trans-regional countries and they were a threat for these countries. Feeling of pride of the countries of the region and the rival of the United States of America, due to the withdrawal of Western forces from Afghanistan, seemed logical to some extent, but liking the takeover of Afghanistan by the Taliban and trusting this group as well, looked idealistic.

Handing over of diplomatic agencies of Afghanistan in China, Pakistan, Iran and even Russia to the Taliban is an obvious example of the positive interaction of these countries with the Taliban in the last two years.

But gradually the supposition of positive change of Taliban was false hypothesis and the Taliban practically performed an exclusive approach with violence against other ethnic groups and social groups such as women, and did not pay attention to the security and economic concerns of the countries in the region.

The success of Taliban in Afghanistan for the terrorist groups who fought alongside with the Taliban in the past two decades against the people and the former government of Afghanistan and its western allies, is considered the dawn  of the great victory of the radical groups, their success raise hope in Pakistan, Central Asia, Sistan and Baluchistan and Xinjiang, China.

The Pakistani Taliban inspired by political change in Afghanistan and demanded to have an office in a foreign country, in addition dreamed to establish an Islamic Emirate in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province and intensified the war with the Pakistani government. In addition, Jamaat Ansarullah or Tajik Taliban has strengthened its positions on the border with Tajikistan.

Recently, the Minister of Defense of Russia also acknowledged that Afghanistan has become a center of terrorist groups that threaten the countries of the region.

Also, the Russian head of Academic, Analytical, Scientific Information Center, the head of the Analytical, Scientific Information Center, establishing of “secret army” of Taliban is a cause of concern for the countries of the region.

The new tension over the water between Iran and the Taliban, also showed that the greed of pure obedience of the Taliban is an inexplicable dream.

The origin countries must reconsider their interaction with the Taliban by adopting realistic approach and listen to the voice of Afghan people, parties and groups which stood from the people.  Countries of region that benefit from the stability and establishment of a responsible government in Afghanistan have the ability to take steps towards the establishment of an national government based on the desire of the people and prevent the strengthening of terrorist and radical groups.

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