The Afghanistan citizen party’s interest in dialogue is regarded as a political action

During the half-century of conflict and instability in Afghanistan, dialogue has not been officially recognized as a political action, as the Taliban, for instance, do not accept this logic. The dominant approach in Afghan politics has been military solutions and the use of violence, with instances of attention to dialogue considered secondary and based on military facts. This is even though, internally, the roots of the conflict lie in a lack of mutual understanding, contradictions in perspectives on national interests, national identity, the type of political system, power distribution, official languages, and cultural heritage, among other factors.
In this context, the Civic Party organized the international conference “Efficient Political System and Sustainable Peace” to shift the focus from dialogue being a peripheral matter to a central theme, emphasizing the importance of language and dialogue, and altering the position of dialogue from a secondary issue to a central one.
Recent political and military developments in the country indicate that movements, parties, and political circles excel in pursuing war and armed struggle but have been ineffective in the realm of dialogue, argumentation, and negotiation. The fate of successful and stable societies demonstrates that by employing the logic of dialogue, they have addressed the roots of war and found ways to achieve peace. Based on this perspective, the The Afghanistan citizen party does not consider dialogue and conversation as secondary or additional; instead, it recognizes dialogue as the primary political action.
In its first significant political initiative, rather than following the conventional path of political activism, the Civic Party prioritizes dialogue among political elites, intellectuals, and researchers as the focal point.
The organization of the international conference “Efficient Political System and Sustainable Peace,” attended by prominent figures in the country, is considered a promising start in this field. The Afghanistan citizen party is determined to continue the path of dialogue to resolve differences at the negotiation table instead of the battlefield, using the power of the pen rather than bullets with strength and decisiveness. Therefore, it invites all intellectuals and educated individuals in the country who understand the importance of dialogue to collaborate and cooperate in opening a new path to unravel the country’s dilemmas.
The political impasse in the country, economic crises, the influx of migrants, and the trend of fleeing the country are all consequences of the Taliban’s rejection of the logic of dialogue. Let us not forget that if the opportunity for dialogue and understanding is lost, the danger of a return to internal conflict in the country looms

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