The Taliban’s education system and international instability in the future.

Richard Bennett, the United Nations Special Rapporter on Human Rights, has highlighted in a report on the situation in Afghanistan the Taliban’s education system and emphasized that the teachings of the Taliban contribute to the deepening of radicalism, resulting in instability and the spread of terrorism.
Bennett is correct in his assessment that the establishment of thousands of religious jihad schools will have destructive consequences in the future. These consequences will not be limited to Afghanistan alone but could potentially lead to the proliferation of terrorism on an international scale. A crucial point that is currently evident and should not be ignored is the Talibanization of various Islamic movements and populations. These movements believe that by relying on an Islamic worldview, they can establish an Islamic state, much like the Taliban, and confront dominant international powers. The wave of resistance against imperialism, which was the driving force behind leftist movements in many countries in the past, is now being led by radical Islamic groups. Radical groups interpret the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan and the retreat of international institutions in the face of the Taliban’s inhumane actions as a victory for political Islam. This interpretation provides additional motivation for the spread of political radicalism, and it is expected that in the near future, other terrorist groups may resort to terrorist actions to establish Islamic governments or emirates similar to the Taliban. The existing cultural crisis in Afghanistan has destructive political consequences, and it is better for international institutions and influential governments, especially neighboring countries, to set aside shortsightedness and reconsider their interactions with the Taliban. These consequences clearly demonstrate that the interests of the Afghan people align with the long-term interests of the global community and neighboring governments in countering the Taliban. This common goal should be the foundation of government interactions with opposition political movements to the Taliban. If this matter is overlooked, it is natural that in the future, the only victims of religious radicalism will be the people of Afghanistan.

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