The political delegation of the ACP meeting with relevant officials of the European Union in Brussels

Today, the political delegation of the Citizens’ Party of Afghanistan, led by Dr. Zakir Hussain Ershad, held a meeting and discussion with officials seat of Afghanistan  from the European Union at the EU headquarters in Brussels. The topic of discussion between the two sides was the assessment of the situation in Afghanistan and finding a way out of the ongoing crisis.

Dr. Ershad, while examining the latest political developments in Afghanistan to find a way out of the current situation, highlighted three important and fundamental factors for laying the groundwork for peace in Afghanistan:

1.      In the realm of principles and values: Instead of emphasizing narrow ethno-linguistic and religious values, the focus should be on citizen-centered values.

2.      Regional Cooperation: Encouraging regional cooperation and engagement to address the challenges in Afghanistan. This involves fostering constructive relationships with neighboring countries and regional powers, as their support and cooperation are essential for achieving stability and peace in Afghanistan.

3.      International Support and Assistance: Seeking continued international support and assistance to facilitate the peacebuilding process in Afghanistan. This includes diplomatic efforts, financial aid, and assistance in capacity building, security, and governance. International backing is crucial for creating a conducive environment for peace and stability in the country.

By addressing these three factors, Dr. Arshad believes that it would lay the groundwork for peace in Afghanistan and pave the way for resolving the ongoing crisis.

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