Message from the Citizens’ Party of Afghanistan on the Occasion of the Terrorist Attack in Western Kabul.

Tonight, the bloody hands of terrorists have once again created another tragedy, imposing another disaster on the residents of Western Kabul. What has been happening in recent years is an ongoing genocide of the Hazaras, carried out under the guise of ethnic and religious elimination. The Citizens’ Party of Afghanistan strongly condemns such cowardly attacks carried out in a deliberate and systematic manner, and prays for the highest ranks for the martyrs and C recovery for the injured from the Almighty.
The responsibility for ensuring the security of the people falls on the ruling group, which constantly claims to provide comprehensive and universal security for everyone. However, these incidents demonstrate that the ruling group is failing in ensuring security and may even have motives for terrorism and creating terror. The Citizens’ Party of Afghanistan honestly calls upon international organizations, human rights defenders, particularly the United Nations, not to overlook or be lenient when it comes to the systematic genocide of a particular ethnic and religious group and to seriously pursue legal action against those responsible for such ethnic and religious purges. Once again, it is evident that the Hazaras of Afghanistan are the most vulnerable citizens of this country, subjected to systematic oppression both by the ruling group and by various terrorist factions. We call upon the people of Afghanistan to not leave our Hazara citizens alone in this sensitive historical moment and, while showing solidarity with the victims of the incident, be their voice. National unity is achieved through understanding and supporting each other in difficult times. As such events often take place under the guise of religion, we request religious scholars from our Sunni brothers to condemn terrorist groups and cleanse the mantle of moderate Hanafi faith and rationality from these hateful acts of violence

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