Moscow Format; Taliban provocative question

The fifth round of the consultative meetings known as the ‘Moscow Format,’ hosted by Russia regarding Afghanistan and attended by Afghanistan’s neighbors, is scheduled to take place this upcoming Friday. Unlike last year when the Taliban were not invited to this meeting, a delegation from this group is heading to Moscow this year. The invitation of the Taliban to this meeting is provocative for various reasons and contrary to the expectations of the people of Afghanistan.

  • The Taliban lacks domestic and international legitimacy and credibility to represent the Afghan people. Not only they have failed to gain domestic and international legitimacy, but due to widespread violations of human rights and facilitating the strengthening and expansion of terrorist activities in Afghanistan, they have made their ruthless and terrorist nature more evident than ever. In response to repeated requests from the global community and neighbors, including Russia, regarding the formation of an inclusive government and respect for women’s fundamental rights, the Taliban has intensified its monopolistic and oppressive approach, paying no heed to the desires and opinions of other governments.
  • In the past two years, with the presence of the Taliban, the activities of foreign terrorist groups in Afghanistan have increased, causing heightened concerns globally and in the region, including by experts and security institutions in Russia. The transformation of Afghanistan into a center of terrorism with Taliban support is a serious threat in the first step for the region and subsequently for the world. Terrorist groups like ISIS and Al-Qaeda, which have a global agenda against the West and the East, will not hesitate to take any action as soon as the opportunity arises. Moreover, under the Taliban’s authority, local groups such as the Ansarullah Tajikistan and the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan, effectively integrated with ISIS, have specific plans to expand the wave of Islamization in Central Asia and Russia’s realm of influence.
  • Russia is an ancient neighbor of Afghanistan, and despite the Soviet Red Army’s invasion in the 1980s, the relationship between the two nations has always been characterized by goodwill and mutual respect. Therefore, it is not expected that Russia, understanding the Afghan people’s severe dissatisfaction with the Taliban’s oppressive rule, would seek to legitimize this group and invite them as representatives of Afghanistan, contrary to the expectations and desires of the Afghan people. Turning the Moscow format into a platform for legitimizing the Taliban, who are viewed as an international terrorist strategic alliance, is not anticipated.


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