Challenging conditions for universities and students in Afghanistan.

After the dominance of the ruling group, the conditions for universities and students have become very challenging. There are four major problems in this field:
A) The university, as a promoter of Western sciences, has come under hostility, and with this confrontational approach, the development of religious schools, especially Jihadist schools, has been prioritized by the ruling group. This implies that the talent and capabilities of the new generation are being employed in the direction of extremism and terrorism, and the cultural capital outlook of Afghanistan is turning backward towards political goals.
B) University textbooks have been subjected to ideological manipulation, and universities, in terms of content, have also become promoters of extremism. What is taught in Afghan universities today is pseudo-scientific traditionalism presented to students under the guise of religious doctrines or sometimes scientific principles.
C) Half of the active student population, namely women, is excluded from education. The ruling group fears the spread of modern teachings and the empowerment of Afghan mothers, well aware that educating girls will contribute to shaping a generation immune to extremism. The prohibition of girls’ education is imposed to prevent the infiltration of these ideas into the minds of the new generation
D) The departure of university professors and academic staff has severely impacted the educational quality. In many cases, individuals lacking any minimum qualifications or competence have assumed academic positions, solely based on their jihadist and terrorist backgrounds, taking control of administrative and academic positions within universities.
With all these problems, it must be noted that a period of censorship, stagnation, and conservatism has passed, and the new generation of Afghanistan is the most important asset for social transformation in the country. Afghanistan, with these valuable assets, will find its correct path, and sooner or later, relying on this social capital, will overcome the current impasse

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