Meeting of the High Council of the Citizens’ Party of Afghanistan

Meeting of the High Council of the Citizens’ Party of Afghanistan with fellow compatriots residing in the United States of America in the state of Colorado, Denver city

The delegation of the Citizens’ Party of Afghanistan, headed by the party’s leader, Dr. Zaher Hussain Ershad, met today with a group of fellow Afghans who currently residing in the city of Denver, Colorado.

In this meeting, Dr. Ershad first talked about the necessity of forming the Citizens’ Party and explained its objectives. Subsequently, planning for the specific future main strategies, and the party’s strategies concerning the future were discussed and shared with the fellow Afghans who were present in the Dr. Ershad further elaborated on the purpose of the high-ranking delegation of the Citizens’ Party’s visit to the United States. He emphasized that the United States offers extensive and significant opportunities, both within the government of the country and among the Afghan located there. The Citizens’ Party strives to utilize these capacities to the maximum extent possible and take on its national responsibility in addressing the critical situation in Afghanistan session.

The fellow Afghans residing in Colorado warmly welcomed the dispatched delegation of the Citizens’ Party and expressed their assurance of comprehensive cooperation in the future endeavors.

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