A meeting of the high-ranking members of the Citizens’ Party of Afghanistan

A meeting of the high-ranking members of the Citizens’ Party of Afghanistan with fellow compatriots residing in the United States took place in Salt Lake City, Utah

Continuing with visits and meetings, the delegation of the Citizens’ Party of Afghanistan, led by its president Dr. Zakir Hussain Ershad, today met with fellow citizens residing in the city of Salt Lake City, Utah.

During this meeting, Dr. Ershad expressed gratitude for the warm reception and welcome extended by fellow citizens to the delegation of the Citizens’ Party in Utah. He proceeded to explain the current situation, the party’s plans, and its objectives to the attendees. One of the main focal points of Dr. Ershad’s talk was the party’s efforts to address the current situation and devise a comprehensive program dedicated to the future. He presented the strategies and planned initiatives of the Citizens’ Party within this framework.

In this meeting, the purpose of the delegation’s visit to the United States was explained, emphasizing the extensive, significant, and noteworthy capacities present in the country. It was highlighted that understanding and recognizing these capacities require systematic attention. The Citizens’ Party, being a political entity comprised of academic elites, strives to make the most of these capacities in a structured manner to secure national interests.

The fellow citizens residing in Utah warmly welcomed the delegation of the Citizens’ Party, and it was agreed to deepen the relationships and expand the level of cooperation in the future.

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